The Skinny On Fit & Petite

fit & petite

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to start a new series called, “The Skinny on Fit & Petite” where I will post up about my fitness, nutrition and my progress every two weeks. I hope you all enjoy!

When I moved to Boston six months ago, C wanted me to work out with him at our apartment gym. I haven’t worked out over a year since school got in the way. However since I had just graduated and didn’t have a job yet, I had a lot of time. So I decided to give it a shot, and work out with C. He  set up a workout schedule for us and it goes something like this:

Monday: Triceps + Chest
Tuesday: Biceps + Back
Wednesday: Cardio (HIIT) + Abs
Thursday: Shoulders (my favorite day!)
Friday: Legs
Saturday: Cardio (HIIT) + Abs
Sunday: Rest

C got me lifting weights four days a week and I only have to do cardio (HIIT)  two times a week for only 20-25 minutes per session. I love this workout schedule so much because I just love lifting weights. At first I couldn’t lift that heavy, only 5lbs or 10lbs at most. But now I can lift a lot heavier and I just feel a lot stronger than before. I love that feeling! After going to our apartment gym for a few months, we decided to get a membership at the YMCA. It’s about a 10 minutes walk from our apartment. I am in love with our new gym. It has everything that we both needed! Also on cardio days, I can run on the track, which I love even more.

I never thought that I would look forward to working out each and everyday, especially since I have to wake up at 5;30am everyday, but I love it and it has become apart of my life now.


I believe the food that you eat is as important as working out.

When I first started working out, I began to count my calories and ate around 1600 calories. I counted my calories so that I can keep track of my diet to make sure that I eat enough carb, protein, and fats. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me and keeps me accountable. After switching to the new gym, I increased my calories intake to about 1750 calories. I wanted to increase my calories because I am trying to gain more weight (mostly muscle weight). My macros intake is around 172g carb, 59g fats, and 130g protein. So far I am slowly gaining weights, my muscles are more defined, and I feel a lot stronger.

I try to keep my diet clean. It mostly consists of baked chicken breast, sweet potatoes, avocados, oatmeal (favorite!), brown rice, broccoli, spinach, nut butter, eggs, almond milk, etc. However, I also splurge on cookie butter and quick bread, which I like to crumble on top of my oatmeal. Everything in moderations right? 🙂

I also have at least one “cheat meal” each week where I would eat out with my fiance.

I like my diet because I don’t feel deprived of any food. I get to enjoy everything I like while maintaining within my macros.


So far I feel a lot stronger and my muscles are more defined than when I first started working out. I have no pictures this time, but maybe next time I’ll post up some of my progress pictures!