Five Favorites (Thanksgiving Ed.)


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! Mine was spend with C here in Boston. It was wonderful and I am very thankful that I get to be with him. We made a delicious meal. We made cornbread muffins (lightened up) with ricotta cheese and caramelized onions and topped with honey butter, cornbread stuffings (homemade!) with sausage and cranberries, sweet and russet potatoes au gratin (delicious!), buffalo mac and cheese with bacon and mushrooms, honey glazed ham, and pumpkin oreo cheesecake (favorite!!!) for dessert. Everything was delicious. Today I am heading out to shop for Black Friday. Wish me luck! Have a great weekend everyone!







Five Favorites

regina's pizzeria

1. C and I went to Regina’s Pizzeria again last week with another friend of ours. We all shared the pesto and sausage pizza. It was amazing. We all love it there so much!


2. I love fall and am sad to see that the leaves are dying and not so colorful anymore. Winter is coming!


3. Enjoyed pho with C and a friend of ours during a chilly night. It was wonderful.


4. I don’t know what I would do without it. It is best on top of oatmeal. Pure bliss.

banana nutella bread

5. The best banana Nutella bread that I have ever made. It is super moist and delicious in every bite. Recipe coming soon!

Have a great weekend!

Five Favorites

cocoa oatmeal1. My favorite breakfast-cocoa oatmeal with peanut butter and Speculoos (cocoa & cookie butter swirl). Pure bliss.

regina's pizzeria

pizza2. I found my favorite pizza place in Boston: Regina’s Pizzeria. C and I went last week to Regina’s for the first time since it is highly rated on yelp. We ordered the Capricciosa, which came with sliced prosciutto, mushrooms, ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese with tomato sauce. It was fantastic!

modern pastry

mike's pastry

3. A cannoli at Modern Pastry for C and a peanut butter cannoli at Mike’s pastry for me. The perfect end to any meal!

boston commons

4. Boston commons.

fish tacos

5. Fish tacos on a corn and whole wheat tortillas. Nom nom nom!

Have a great weekend!

Five Favorites

pumpkin banana bread

1. Healthy and delicious pumpkin banana bread that I baked yesterday. Recipe coming soon!

banh mi

2. BBQ beef banh mi. I could eat this everyday if I could.

avocado bubble tea

3. The best avocado bubble tea in Boston. It is super creamy and thick. It’s also made with real avocados and the pearls are super soft and sweet.

downtown crossing

4. Downtown Crossing in Boston.


5. Enjoyed a beautiful day out with C and a couple of friends.

Have a great weekend!

Five Favorites


1. I took this picture of the Boston Commons in early October after having a lunch outside with my fiance.


2. Last week, my fiance and I traveled all the way out to Woodlands to find the hospital where I will have my interview the following week. We decided to stop by Shake Shack since it was nearby and we have always wanted to try it. We both got a burger and shared the fries and a peanut butter concrete. It was amazing and definitely worth the trip out there.


3. I love how pumpkin is in season again! I love fall.


4. I love this picture. I wanted to take some fall pictures. So my fiance took me all the way to the Arboretum on tuesday just so I could take some fall pictures. I love him.


5. I love this spot that my fiance and I found in Woodlands. It was the perfect tree.

Have a great weekend, friends!