No Recipe Jalapenos & Cilantro Brown Rice

Hello! How is your day so far?!

My day began at 5:30am this morning at the gym where I worked on my shoulders with C. We recently just opened a membership at the YMCA here in Malden and we love it so far! We have been working out at our apartment gym, but we decided that we needed to step it up and get a real gym. I love our new gym. It has everything that we wanted and made our workouts even better.

After the gym, we headed back home for a big breakfast and then C had to go to school while I stayed home to bake since it was my day off from work. I made a pumpkin banana bread. It is so good and it’s healthy! Recipe coming soon!

Afterwards, I baked some chicken for the rest of the week and made some jalapenos & cilantro brown rice in the rice cooker!

jalapenos & cilantro brown rice

There is no recipe because I only used a few ingredients and eyeballed everything. However I do have some guidelines for you if you want to make it:

First, cook the brown rice. As much as you want. 

Then after it’s cooked, mix in the jalapenos, cilantro, sesame oil, salt and pepper.

That’s it. Simple.

jalapenos & cilantro brown rice

jalapenos & cilantro brown rice

jalapenos & cilantro brown rice

The rice was packed with flavors! I enjoyed the rice with some baked chicken breast and a side of broccoli. Healthy and delicious!

Have a great day!


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